Meet The Authors

John Cuthbertson


John has lived in Corsham since 1957 where he attended Corsham Regis Primary School before moving on to senior school at Corsham Secondary Modern for Boys which is now The Corsham School.


His main interests are the history and picture postcards of Corsham, photography and football.

John is the club historian and photographer for Corsham Town Football Club and his photographs can be seen at


Published Books.

  • Southbank Chronicles - The History of Corsham Town Football Club (2020)

  • Memories of Corsham (2021)

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Giuliano (Julian) Carosi


Julian has lived and worked in Corsham all his life. Now retired, his interests are local history, photography, writing, reading, football, refereeing and collecting images of Corsham, including postcards.


He also runs the local Mr Corsham Facebook page here:


Published Books.

  • Corsham Revealed (2018)

  • Corsham Revealed More (2019)

  • Corsham Revealed Three (early 2020)

  • Corsham Revealed Now and Then (late 2020) 


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Stephen Flavin


Stephen was born in Corsham in 1961 and was brought up with his four sisters and two brothers in their family home in Paul Street near to the town centre.

At the age of 4, he attended St. Patrick’s RC Primary School (Lacock Road) on the day it opened and afterwards at Corsham Secondary School. After ‘A’ Levels, Stephen studied Music and English at the University of Winchester before enjoying a long and successful career in teaching. Stephen became the headteacher of two secondary schools. Stephen’s love of Corsham and it’s past resulted in two highly acclaimed books, Corsham Born and Bred and Corsham Born and Bred 2, which use his extensive collection of over 1,000 original Corsham postcards of the town.


Published Books.

  • Corsham Born and Bred 2

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Kenneth J Oatley

Kenneth was born in Corsham in 1937.

"As a life long member of the community, my thoughts continue to realise that so many changes to the town have not always been beneficial. It is sometimes led to decisions which in some ways has directed us away from the wonderful heritage that we all enjoy in Corsham.

It is why in my book I endeavour to point out how sometimes paths that I may have been involved with, could have undermined that wonderful heritage we have been given".


Published Books.

  • Corsham My Story

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